Hiring Dedicated Mobile App Developers
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The rapid advancement in the global mobile app market has made it a necessity for businesses to develop quality mobile apps for their business. It is not possible without hiring dedicated mobile app developers.

However, hiring mobile app programmers is not an easy task as you need to separate the wheat from the chaff.

So, if you are seeking a guide and tips for App developer recruitment, this blog is for you. In this blog, we have mentioned everything you need to know and the best practices for hiring developers.
So, let’s get started!

Why Do You Need To Hire Dedicated app developers?

Hiring a Mobile app development team is crucial if you do not have sufficient knowledge of the field. As it will be an uncomfortable, time-consuming, and frustrating process for you.

It is always better to have an app development team on board as app development is much more than a simple UI. Therefore, it requires more than a single app developer to work on complicated applications which provide interactive UI/UX, highly customized services, strict security features, and much more.

Hiring Models to Hire An App Developer

There are three models for hiring an app developer. Here they are:

Hiring In-house

Hiring an in-house app developer is a comparatively costly process but if you can afford the associated expenses it is a good option.

Hiring A Freelancer

It is a cost-effective option, especially suitable for small businesses with a limited budget.

Hiring offshore app developers

Mobile app outsourcing is one of the most reliable and popular methods to develop your application on time. Outsource team stays within a budget, thus, ensuring Cost-effective app development. Usually, outsourcing companies work on a contractual basis. However, you can select if you want to hire them on an hourly, monthly, or project basis depending on the requirements and needs of your business.

How many steps are there to hire mobile app developers?

An app developer should have the skills, experience, and industry knowledge to deliver a successful app. Hiring an app developer involves the following steps;

Understanding requirements

First, analyze your business’s precise requirements by conducting in-depth research and selecting the best hiring model for your mobile app.

Screening the candidates

Depending on your needs and budget shortlist the appropriate candidates from the talented pool of app developers.

Interviewing app development candidates

After finalizing the candidates, conduct interviews and tests to select an appropriate developer for your project.


Lastly, onboard the finalized mobile app developer and guide them via the company policies, protocols, and work methodologies.

Monitor the performance

After hiring an app developer, it is crucial to keep a check on and monitor their performance to ensure maximum ROI for your business.

What challenges do you face when you hire Mobile App Developers?

While hiring a mobile application developer, you need to be prepared to overcome the three following challenges:


Budget is one of the major concerns of small to medium size businesses. As the cost of hiring an app developer is high, especially for a project with a lot of innovative features. In this case, you will need an experienced and skilled programmer. Hence, you have to first determine the budget for your Mobile app development process.

Time Zone Gaps

It faces problems while hiring mobile app developers in the time zone. It means that remote teams are not all time accessible, and it automatically delays the project milestone. They are dependent on project management tools like Trello, etc. And the conversation tools such as Slack, etc.

Lack of in-person communication

When you hire a mobile app developer from another region, chances for a communication gap are high as you can view the work in progress or witness the coders working live on your project.

Cultural differences

Outsourcing an app developer from another part of the world can result in cultural and geographical differences.

How is Hireadev different from other outsourcing companies?

Dedicated to support

At Hireadev, we not only focus on delivering mobile app development services but also help our clients to grow their businesses by providing complete support.

The talented & experienced team

We have experienced app developers on board to handle all your technical issues without compromising the quality of the app.

Flexible & Smooth app

Our developers ensure a smooth and flexible app because we have experts who have experience in almost every programming language needed to create a mobile application.

Flexible Design

Our skilled mobile app developers provide an easy and simple user interface easy ensuring a fluid design.

Lead in the industry

Having years of experience, we have learned various methods and techniques to provide customized services and solutions to our clients and make them happy.


In conclusion, mobile applications are becoming popular globally, making them the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way of connecting to your target or potential customers.

There are many ways you can hire an app developer but outsourcing an app developer is the most cost-effective way of hiring an app developer for small to medium size businesses. However, before outsourcing an app developer you need to have a clear idea about your needs and expectations.

By combining all the aforementioned factors, you can take the right decision to boost your company’s economy. If you want a hassle-free app development process connect with Hireadev today!

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