Remote Help Desk / Tech Support

We are looking for an experienced candidate who will provide remote technical support for our international clients from all over the world.

  • Excellent communication skills in English , spoken and written.
  • Active communication with users to understand the IT requirements.
  • Comprehensive overview of the infrastructure and tools of our permanent clients.
  • Maintaining and upgrading the software in Maac, Windows and Linux environments.
  • Overview of computer networks and protocols (VPN, VoIP, DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP).
  • Performing diagnostic testing of the software’s we are developing.
  • Tight cooperation with our international and external teams (project managers, developers, devops).
  • Composing user guides and manuals.
  • Helping with the development of our applications.
  • Installing antivirus software.
  • Manager desktops, laptops, servers.
  • Monitoring the running applications and services.
  • Customer care via email and telephone.
  • Maintenance of cloud storage – nas, nextcloud.
  • Managing email accounts.( Administrator uses, groups and their access rights.)
  • Manager server visualization.
  • Experience with remote desktop software – TeamViewer, Apple Remote Desktop.
  • Proactively solve identity and eliminate problems and shortcomings ( before they occur)


  • Honest
  • Patients
  • Polite
  • Can do attitude (!!!)