How it Works

Hire A Dev offers numerous flexible outsourcing models aiming at instant fiscal benefits, simultaneously concentrating on
the on-time and quality delivery of the product.

We can run an offshore development team

We have skilled developers in our pool, adept at working with different
tools and technologies. It becomes possible to build a hierarchical or
flat team with people of different skill levels and skill sets.

This approach offers more benefit in terms of product development
and is deemed suitable for organizations requiring perpetual
modifications in their software systems. Also, this makes it possible to
maintain a loyal team of developers who effectively perceive the
business requirements providing the best results to the clients. This
team emerges as an asset in long-term scenarios.

We can run offshore project management

Offshoring offers a variety of benefits to businesses nowadays,
including lower costs, flexibility, and access to specialized skills.

Our project managers excel in offshore and remote project management,
benefiting both our company and clients. With work experience in top-level
companies of the software industry, they have all the skills and expertise required
to efficiently run any project to its completion.

Along with the full proficiency in CMM oriented process management, our project managers are well trained per the PMP curriculum. They can help clients in creating WBS documents, traceability matrix, project plans, cost estimations, risk identification, and management. They also work with remote development teams and perform tracking, oversight, risk management, and prepare activity reports.

Hiring Dedicated Offshore staff

Our strategy for Hiring Offshore staff includes 3 simple steps

Pick the Perfect Team

Discuss your project and its requirements with us. After a thorough discussion and analysis of your goals and objectives, we will recommend the most developers to you. We will send you the profiles of the shortlisted candidates, followed by arranging the interviews, ensuring that the selected developers meet your requirements and expectations. In the end, you will make the final selection.

Test the Developers

After the selection, you are free to test the abilities of the team. We will complete the given assignment quickly. Talk to us about your project requirements, and let us present you with the mock-up in a short time.

One Month Paid Trial

For each developer that you choose to hire, we offer a paid trial stage of about 1 month. That is to ensure your ultimate satisfaction with the team. We are sure that whatever team of developers you will build will have all the right abilities to take your project towards successful completion! You will be happy with the performance and the outcomes it entails.

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