Switchboard/ Administrative

Person (lady) in Pakistan, who would be taking care of administration and switchboard.

  • We are at the point of acquiring clients all over the world via IMZ ( i.e. vendor imports), this will only work if our switchboard is excellent.
  • Can Ali find a well educated lady that we will put under the management of Zuzana Szitasova? Then we can address to Zuzana and she is going to solve the things with this lady.
  • Swiss knife that picks up the phone and is the glue that makes the stones a wall.
  • Not too young
  • Potential for solutionist
  • Excellent english with excellent accent.
  • Clients calls anybody, she makes sure that she uses bluepinion, recognizes him, proactively suggests whom he might want to talk to, uses our tools, organizes whatever, describes a task the way that the receiver knows what it is about. People must love to talk to her. Build her trust and relations.
  • Supports Zuzana
  • Humble, polite, effective like a razor blade.
  • A heart for the team there and us and the clients.