Why Hire a Dev? Dedicated software development Team

Hire a dedicated CRM software developer team at Hireadev to jump-start your development process. We provide our clients with a dedicated development team for projects of all sizes. We ensure to cover small and large enterprises.

Our dedicated development teams include experienced programmers, DevOps engineers, mobile app developers, and other specialists who devote their undivided attention and utmost dedication exclusively to your project.

Hire dedicated development teams if you want to ramp up your on-site technical capacity and set yourself free from all administrative burdens. We provide all kinds of facilities to your dedicated developer team, including apps, office perks, licenses, HR, and accounting support. Moreover, if your project requires confidentiality, we provide them with a robust security system.

Benefits of Having a Dedicated Developers Team

Access To Talent

If you want to access the talent, you need to hire development teams on an offshore basis. You can hire experts and professionals from any part of the world and bring the best team on board for your company. Moreover, the hiring process is easy and fast, so you can construct the most authentic and efficient team without spending months recruiting. Hireadev claims to provide a diversity of tech stacks, English proficiency, all seniority levels, and technical background, letting you build your dream team in no time.

Simple Scalability

The offshore model lets you hire a dedicated development team without disturbing your workflow. Hireadev offers a flexible scale-up or down on the client demand, depending on the workload. So you don’t have to deal with hiring or firing programmers.

Direct Communication

We assure to maintain healthy and stable communication between the clients and the development team. This way you will remain in touch with your team and can check their progress and performance. We provide dedicated programmers who work exclusively for your projects. You can discuss your expectations and requirements with your team during a one-on-one meeting. Thus, ensuring that the right person is performing the task.

Quick Start

Are you still struggling to find the right candidate and tired of conducting countless rounds of interviews? At Hireadev you can avoid this tiresome and long hiring process. If you choose to outsource your project development and hire a dedicated development team in Ukraine, you’ll enjoy faster time-to-market and fewer hiring hurdles. You will get a ready well-knit team that can start your project immediately.

Talent Management

If you hire a software development team from Hireadev you will not have to worry about HR hassles. We at Hireadev use the best talent management techniques to ensure all employee benefits are taken care of thus enhancing retention and loyalty. We offer corporate perks, boost team spirit, and keep a check on the team’s morale to avoid loss of personnel.

Optimal Budget

What makes Hireadev an attractive outsourcing destination is that we allow our clients to hire a development team at the most affordable price range. We have transparent pricing models without any hidden costs. You can hire professionals on an hourly, weekly, and project basis depending on your requirements and budget.

Our Dedicated Developer’s Teams

Web Developers

We have back-end and front-end developers to provide you with a complete and functional website.

QA Engineers

Our experienced QA engineers ensure that you have the best possible quality website and mobile apps.

DevOps Engineers

The experienced and skilled DevOps team handles all software development and IT operations.

UI/UX Designers

Our UX/UI designers make sure your website and mobile apps have the most aesthetic and appealing outlook.

Mobile App Developers

We have an excellent staff for mobile app development who take care of your apps and are proficient enough to run smoothly on Androids and iOS.

Back Office Team

The back-end office team ensures a smooth operation of all tasks and provides you with a progress report regularly.

When you need to hire a development team

Hire a software development team when:

  • You have tight deadlines to meet
  • Project requirements are not clear
  • You have a particular product niche
  • The project is complex & long term
  • You require complete control over the development process

Our Dedicated Developers Team Setup Process

1. Send the requirements

The moment you share your project details and requirements with us, we will send you complete information about relevant developers and programmers, their seniority level, and their tech stack. You can schedule a call with us to discuss the details of your project.

2. Check prescreened resumes

We will shortlist candidates according to your requirements. You will get resumes of relevant software developers and other team members. At Hireadev, we offer our clients the freedom to request a one-to-one interview with the shortlisted candidates via video call.

3. Merge remote and in-house teams

After we hire dedicated coders for your project, you need to get them on board. Introduce the newly hired remote team members to your already hired in-house workers, give them access to your internal systems, and explain the corporate policy. Always remember to set up a communication schedule to ensure successful collaboration.

4. Manage software developers

There is no mediator between your dedicated developers and you. We do not interfere with your project and allow our clients to manage their teams directly. Hireadev only monitors the performance of the team and provides them with the necessary and required working conditions.

5. Enjoy hassle-free development

Hireadev provides your developer team with office facilities, necessary equipment, and perks. Recruiting, employment, accounting, and payroll are on us as well. Join hands with Hireadev to enjoy a hassle-free development process while we take care of the rest.

FAQ of Dedicated Software Development

What is a dedicated development team?

A dedicated team model or dedicated software development team refers to a long-term collaboration between a service provider (a dedicated development team) and a client. All team members work exclusively for you, the same as the in-house team.

How much does it cost to hire a team of developers?

The cost depends primarily on the functionalities and features you require in your project. At Hireadev, we consider programmers soft skills and experience when setting a price.

What are the reasons for hiring a dedicated development team?

Hiring dedicated developers allow you to have complete guidance starting from product idea to the final steps of support and maintenance. Moreover, a dedicated development team works devotedly for clients, thus ensuring high-quality and efficient service.

How should I hire dedicated software developers?

This decision majorly depends on your business requirements. But, before hiring, you also have to look for these three traits in a software development company: strong culture, effective communication, and set up for success. Hireadev offers a team of dedicated software development experts, able to create whatever you need, from responsive websites and mobile applications to cloud-based services.