Are You Looking to Hire a Dedicated Project Manager?

If you are tired of handling everything on your own and facing difficulties in handling multiple projects simultaneously, it is your sign to hire a project manager. Top-notch Project Managers with years of experience and vast knowledge await you at Hireadev.

Our dedicated project managers provide vigilant supervision, thus delivering the end product successfully. At Hireadev, you will get a project managing team who solves all the problems involved in the development phase of a project and strives to meet the requirements of their clients within the limited time frame.

Moreover, our project manager also ensures transparent communication between the client and the company.

Hire Dedicated Project Managers at Hireadev

Hireadev provides you the liberty to find a project manager who meets your project requirements and is capable enough to deliver the desired results. Our team is highly skilled, competent, experienced, and trained in its work.

The experts follow an agile approach to achieve higher levels of efficiency and deliver a successful project within the said time frame.

Here, at Hireadev, we will get professionals who will get your job done, in a way that exceeds your expectation. So, if you want to maximize your business revenue, hire dedicated Project Managers at Hireadev.

Plan & Execute Projects

Do you have a project idea but don’t know how to make things work? Our Project Managers can execute it for you. Hireadev offers you dedicated project managers who will gather stakeholders, and monitor the project execution from start to finish within the established timeframe,

1. Recruit and Hire New Job Doers

Our project manager will help you to build a remote team by keeping you informed of the updates thus enabling you to make better decisions.

2. Organize and Motivate Teams

Leadership and Strong team management are critical for driving business growth. If you are falling short of time to manage different teams for a variety of projects, hire a project coordinator, and they’ll run the show on your behalf.

3. Monitor Remote Workers

Our project managers will keep a check on your remote employees by conducting weekly interviews so that you can focus on other significant tasks without worrying about your team.

4. Monitor Team Performance

Get a complete overview and regular updates of your team performance and progress every week by hiring our Project Managers.

Understanding Project

Understanding your project’s goals and requirements. and ensuring team unity, to achieve client satisfaction.

Create Strategy

To create a feasible strategy for your project, including allocation, resource planning, skill assignment, time management, and issue management.


Provide necessary input, monitoring project development, and update clients on progress.


Identify, analyze, and interact with the customers to improve output.

Faster Project Completion

Our Project Managers can assist you in completing your project within the time frame as they will handle your project using a systematic approach, technology, and plenty of other resources.

Strong Expertisen

Our Project Managers have the expertise to handle different segments of your project.

Reduced Cost

One of the biggest perks of hiring Project Managers from Hireadev is Cost reduction. You can hire project managers on an hourly, weekly, and project basis, thus saving a lot of money as you no longer have to continue contracted services.

Better Outcomes

Our Project Managers will understand your project deeply, and ensure that every aspect of the project leads to better outcomes.

Services our resource will provide to your business

Project plan development

Our project manager will create a complete plan, starting with brainstorming and ending with implementation. So, you can trust our project managers to run things smoothly.

Client Communication

At Hireadev, you will get trained and certified project managers to facilitate smooth and effective client-focused communication.

Team Management

Every project’s success is largely dependent on team coordination, and our project managers ensure to manage the entire team in a way to get the desired results.

Task scheduling &Time Management

To uphold timelines for any of your projects, hire project managers from Hireadev. Our project managers are qualified and experienced to understand the significance of deadlines.

Our hiring procedures

At Hireadev, you will enjoy flexible hiring models. We help our clients to hire project managers as and when they need them, based on your project requirements.

Hourly basis

We use modern tools to track time and the billing will be based on the number of hiring hours.


For the part-time hiring module, the billing process takes place for 20 hours every week. We ensure, you constantly stay in touch with the project manager via mail, Google Hangout, or Skype.


The billing process for the full-time hiring module takes place for 40 hours a week. Our project managers offer transparent communication to our clients through phone, Google hangout, or Skype. By the end of the month, you will receive payment modules, depending on the total working hours.

Frequently Asked Questions about Project Manager

Who is a Project Manager?

A project manager is a professional who plans, organizes, and executes projects while working within restraints such as time and budget. Project managers define project goals, lead entire teams, communicate with stakeholders, and ensure the completion of a project by the deadline.

What does a Project Manager do?

A Project Manager is responsible for the procurement, planning, execution, and completion of a project. The project manager is in charge of every ongoing project and handles processes involved, such as managing the resources and project team and defining the project scope.

How to hire a Project Manager?

You can hire freelance project managers through platforms such as Upwork, Fiver, SimplyHired, LinkedIn, etc. However, to avoid the hassle you may communicate with companies like Hireadev who does it all for you. These companies offer you the option to hire the best talent across the globe according to your project requirements. You can hire them on an hourly, weekly, and even project basis.

How much does it cost to hire a Project Manager?

Hourly rates for Project Managers range between $19 and $45. However, the average hourly rate for Project Managers is $28.

How will your Project Manager handle my project?

Our Project Managers deploy a systematic and strategic approach to handling projects which includes:

  • Project planning
  • Stating business goals
  • Development & Design
  • Distributing tasks
  • Monitor implementation
  • Suggest improvements

What are the responsibilities of a Project Manager?

The Project Manager is the backbone of a team that ties it together. They have a lot of responsibilities, such as;

  • Defining project goals
  • Creating an attainable strategy
  • Monitoring project development
  • Analyzing the progress

Why do you need to hire a Project Manager?

Project managers enable clear, confident, and concise communication within the project team. Their main job is to bring a particular project to completion within the said time and available budget. A project manager can help you save money, time, and a headache!