Outsourced Product Development
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With so many businesses and products in the market, competition is becoming fierce. If you want your business to stand out, you will have to find innovative ways to introduce your products in the market. This is one of the reasons why product development outsourcing is becoming a popular choice among savvy business owners and product designers.

In this blog, you will learn what does outsourcing product development mean and how outsourced software product development is right for your business? We have enlisted some of the top reasons to make the decision easier for you.

What Is Outsourced Product Development?

Outsourcing product development is a process where a company asks an external vendor to take on all the relevant tasks of software development. Product development outsourcing allows product managers and non-technical founders to launch software products without getting into any technicalities.

To understand why outsourcing product development is often the best choice as compared to designing everything in-house, you need to look closely at the benefits outsourcing product development offers.

1. Access to talent and experts

One of the main reasons why outsourced product development is a wise choice is that you’ll gain access to the world’s leading craftsmanship and expertise of product developers. A trustworthy outsourced product development company has a designated team of engineers and product designers to analyze every detail of the product.

They’ll consider the design, concept, materials, and prototyping processes while identifying potential manufacturing challenges you may face down the line. Using early-release models, rapid prototyping, computer models, and other advanced tools, outsourced product development companies ensure that your product is exceptionally high in quality.

2. More Cost-effective than In-House Development

Product development experts often charge high amounts, so hiring them as full-time staff can be expensive for startups. Additionally, prototyping and designing equipment or software can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and it does not include repair costs and maintenance. On the other hand, outsourcing product development companies can enable startups to hire experts at a fraction of the cost.

3. Efficient

Conducting interviews and gathering experts to develop an in-house team can be a long, tiring, and frustrating procedure. However, companies like Hire a dev which is a third-party provider can help you get the prototype within a few weeks.

4. You Can Outsource at Any Stage

Outsourcing is easy to do at any stage so whether you’re still in the sketching or brainstorming stage or you have a working prototype for which you need an enclosure, a team of experts can always guide you through the next step.

5. You’ll Still Control the Process

One of the biggest misconceptions about outsourcing product development is that it can take control away from your business. However, outsourcing product development providers ensure that all stakeholders and business owners have a strong voice. Remember, outsourcing does not mean that you’re giving up any rights and control over your product or business.

6. You Don’t Have to Outsource Overseas

Another common fallacy about outsourcing is that the work is done overseas. Several reliable companies enable you to hire a developer locally whenever possible. As an added benefit, local outsourcing providers can also meet with you in person to show you the design, and discuss your product and prototyping process.

These are just a few of the reasons why outsourced product development for startups is the best choice for most new businesses. Some third-party providers may also use other methods or special equipment that aren’t available anywhere else.


In conclusion, outsourcing is a great choice for startups with limited resources or expertise. It can help you pick the right approach to make your products and business stand out in the over-competitive marketplace. Even if you know very little about what you need to do to bring a dream project to life or how products are made, a third party has all the experts to help you get your products off the ground.

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