Outsourcing vs In-house Mobile App Development
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The use of mobile apps has increased by leaps and bounds over the past decade due to their flexible nature. That is why it has become a crucial requirement for businesses to reach their target and potential customers.

However, you can use two methods to develop a mobile app for your business; hiring an in-house team or outsourcing. Choosing between outsourcing and in-house app development is not easy.

You want the best mobile app for your business, so it’s understandable you want it to be in the hands of the experts and hire a dedicated mobile app developer for your project.

Both approaches to mobile app development have their pros and cons. Therefore, in this blog, we have presented a breakdown of both approaches to help you make an informed decision. Let’s begin!

In-house Mobile App Development


Seamless communication

The in-house team shares the same geographical space which makes the communication process seamless. In addition, there is no language barrier. So, if you hire dedicated mobile app developers you will be at ease to communicate with your team.

Better control over the development process

The in-house team resides within your office which makes it easier to monitor their process and daily progress during the project development.


With these advantages, there are also certain drawbacks to hiring native app developers;

Limited pool of talent

Building an in-house development team means you will have access to a limited number of experts within your office range, whereas outsourcing exposes you to a diverse pool of talent from different parts of the world.

Higher cost

An in-house team can be expensive due to office expenses, salaries, and other social packages like sick leaves, health insurance, recreational tours, special holiday bonus, etc.

Lack of motivation

It is easy for the in-house team to get into their comfort zone. Thus, it becomes necessary to provide other benefits to the employees to keep them motivated for working on the project in a dedicated way.

Outsourcing Mobile App Development

The other approach to mobile app development; outsourcing is on the rise and for the right reasons.


Faster time to the market

When you have good human resources, whether freelancers or individual teams, the mobile app development project becomes streamlined. The outsourcing app development team usually has several projects to complete within a specific time, so they have set deadlines for each project to follow.
Moreover, you can include fines for violating the deadlines in your outsourcing agreements. In short, when your projects are ready on time, the time to market and launch the app will also reduce.

Cost-effective method

Unlike the in-house team, the outsourcing team is already equipped with the tools and infrastructure. It will cut down any office-related costs, thus, significantly reducing the overall expenditures.

Versatility and scalability

Outsourcing with an experienced app development company offers versatility. It will help you to always have a specialist accessible for every situation in the app development. Thus, your app will be more scalable and have a large user base, adding to your overall revenue.

Access to a large pool of talent

Unlike an in-house mobile app development team, where your selection is limited to the geographical area only, outsourcing mobile app development allows you to choose developers from all over the world.

Access to innovative ideas

If your hire a mobile app developer, whether a freelancer or an outsourcing app developer team, you don’t need to worry about creative and innovative ideas. Outsourcers keep working on their skills to fit the ever-changing marketplace and pitch their skills to the best hirers. Therefore, they keep a keen eye on the changing trends and try to improve their working process.


Outsourcing mobile app development has its share of cons as well;

Lack in communication

If you hire app developers via outsourcing you may experience a lack of communication due to different time zones & language barriers.

No immediate access

Since with outsourcing, you don’t have your team within the same office environment accessibility can be an issue. Thus, it is advisable to set a point of contact to get regular updates on the project while working with the outsourcers to avoid this issue to the maximum extent.

Security issues

Security is one of the major concerns for businesses while outsourcing app development. They fear that the outsourcing company might steal their idea.
Thus, it is critical to have a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed by the outsourcing partner before the beginning of the project. It will ensure that your information and project ideas remain protected from misuse.


In conclusion, a mobile app is one of the most crucial requirements to market your business to the right audience. Without a robust and user-friendly mobile app, you may not project your business to the potential audience.

However, having an in-house development team may seem the safest option, but affordability and time-saving benefits of outsourcing app development are very tempting.

Both of these approaches have their share of risks and benefits. Therefore, there isn’t a definite answer to render which is better.

But, good research is the key. We tried to give you a perspective on the different approaches in app development.
We at Hireadev offer successful outsourcing services. Through the years of experience and experts in our team, we ensure to deliver the best solutions for our client’s apps.

So, if you’re looking for an outsourcing partner, let’s talk!

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