Trends in IT Recruiters
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As 2024 has just begun and like almost every other person, business owners must have their New Year resolutions all set to make their businesses reach the height of success by having the right talent in their team.

But here arises an important question; What will be the IT talent acquisition trends for 2024? The concise answer to this question can be encapsulated in two words: artificial intelligence and remote hiring will play a prominent role.

Indeed, more companies will integrate remote hiring and AI into their recruiting process to improve talent diversity, and cost-effectiveness, and organize accurate interviews and assessments for candidates, etc. But the IT recruiting trends certainly do not stop here.

So, if you are into Recruiting in 2024 and want to the top 5 trends for recruiters this year, this blog is for you.

So, let’s get into it!

5 IT Talent Acquisition or Technology Recruitment Trends

Remote Hiring

In recent years, remote hiring has become an inevitable part of the recruiting industry and this trend is here to stay and even grow in 2024. The flexible nature of remote work makes it the only viable hiring approach for recruiters and HR professionals, at a time when organizations continue to attract top talent while retaining their existing talent. Office-based hiring cannot provide the candidates the work-life balance they want and this is why they prefer remote arrangements.

Meanwhile, remote hiring is also beneficial to organizations as it increases cost-effectiveness, talent diversity, resource optimization, and productivity. This is the reason why, remote assessments, virtual interviews, and online onboarding processes have become the new norm.

Given this state of affairs, organizations will need to continue to improvise their methods for evaluating the soft skills critical for remote work, such as communication and self-discipline.

Finding the Right Balance Between AI and the Human Element

The recruiting industry is continually seeking new ways to incorporate and adapt technology into the hiring process, which is why AI and other technologies are among the top recruiting trends of 2024. The businesses and organizations that fail to use and embrace it, will find themselves being left behind by competitors.

Yet, many companies fail to understand that the human touch will always remain a necessity for talent acquisition. In particular, AI cannot understand the nuances of a particular job seeker’s or hiring manager’s requirements, nor it can accurately assess culture fit or soft skills.

AI can never eliminate the need for HR professionals or recruiters because there’s no true substitute for genuine human interaction and decision-making.

Therefore, if you want to succeed you need to ensure that add a human touch and quality when hiring talent for your business. Remember, AI is there to help us and enhance our work productivity and quality not to replace humans.

Social Recruiting

Social recruiting is trending this year as it helps recruiters and HR target more candidates quickly as people interact on social media. Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook facilitate recruiters to publish jobs and reach or source candidates easily throughout the globe.

Skill-Based Hiring

Traditionally, hiring had an emphasis on the candidate’s degrees or the previous positions they held. As a result, qualified candidates were often passed over because they didn’t meet rigid career expectations.

Skills-based hiring has now become a major trend for successful recruitment in 2024. Prioritizing and evaluating candidates’ skills over their job history or degrees can help businesses find the perfect match for the position. It makes the hiring process a lot more pragmatic, human-focused, and diverse. Moreover, this gives more chances to underrepresented candidates who have the right skills but may not have had the privilege to get traditional degrees.

Improve Candidate Experience

Focusing on providing a better candidate experience plays a crucial role in making improvements in the hiring and recruitment process. Here is the list of key points that organizations can implement to improve the candidate experience.

  • Brand the official emails well
  • Maintain transparency during application processing
  • Social media advertising
  • Responsive web pages
  • Regular updates and emails about greetings, matching jobs, etc.
  • Work closely and provide the best assistance at the time of the interview.


In conclusion, if you want to acquire the right talent for your business incorporating the aforementioned hiring trends in your talent acquisition approach can help. Moreover, it’s high time to incorporate remote hiring practices in your recruitment approach.

In 2024, a solid corporate culture without a healthy work environment and f; flexibility for the employees won’t help. Rather, remote hiring can help ensure that employees feel precisely seen and considered and are given the flexibility to manage their work and life thus bringing their best to the table.

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