Hiring Dedicated Mobile App Developers
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The growing popularity of smartphones across the world has made it a necessity for businesses to develop an app to connect with their customers. Mobile apps offer one of the easiest and most convenient ways to help businesses connect with their existing customers and gain new ones.

Although there are different ways businesses can opt to develop a mobile app, one of the most reliable routes is to outsource a Mobile App Development company. However, if you want to develop an app for your business and are confused between In-house vs Outsourced Development, this blog is for you.

In this blog, we have highlighted the pros and cons of Hiring Dedicated Mobile App Developers via an outsourced company.

So, let’s get started!

App Development Pros and Cons


Budget-friendly option

One of the most desired elements to run a business is to make profits, and this can only be possible by cutting down overhead costs. A business that has a very high overhead App Development Cost will fail sooner or later.

Therefore, it is critical to cut down overhead costs. However, one of the major advantages of outsourcing app development is the cost-effectiveness which can help to boost the bottom line.

Outsourcing a mobile app development company will only charge you for the work done, which can be a fixed payment or an hourly rate.

Alternatively, Hiring an App Development Team in-house can skyrocket your business expenditure and operational cost. You will have to bear the cost of hiring or training the workforce and the equipment, tools, or software needed for the project. Whereas outsourcing to an app development company can take away the headache and pressure.

Technical resources and expertise

Outsourcing App Development company gets you access to all the technical resources and expertise as they have the latest tools, licenses, and software to deliver excellent services to their clients.

These agencies also have professionals on board who are experts in the areas of designing, coding, business development, etc.

24/7 Support

Outsourcing app developers provide you 24 hours round-the-clock support. It enables you to contact a representative of the agency whenever you have any challenge regarding the app or the process, and you will immediately be catered to. In case the head developer of your project is not available, the company will assign another developer to fix your problem immediately.

Time maximization

Time is an invaluable commodity in business as well as personal life. Outsourcing app development helps to take away the headache of app development thereby allowing your in-house IT team to focus on another important aspect of the business that can move it forward. Also, since the mobile app development company is specialized in nothing but app development, you can rest assured that they will deliver your project in record time, as compared to the in-house team that will most likely have other responsibilities in the establishment.


Communication gap

The internet has turned the world into a global village. It has become easier than ever to connect people from one end of the world with the other end. However, outsourcing app developers from a company in a different time zone can be tricky and difficult to handle.

As it will cause a communication gap and issue of language barrier, where the developer or client will lack the ability to communicate in each other’s language.

Expensive minor changes

App development is a continuous process and needs constant changes some of which are major while others are minor. The in-house team can observe and fix all kinds of minor or major changes without it causing you any significant financial commitment or downtime. Whereas, if an outsourcing team solves these minor issues it may require more resources and expenses.

Inability to control every sphere of development

Another major con of outsourcing is the inability of the outsourcing team to control every aspect of the app development process. Whereas an in-house app development team provides you with constant assessment of the day-to-day progress of the project.

It will help you to avoid losing what is happening over time. This kind of intimate monitoring is not available in the case of outsourcing as it does not involve on-site operations.

However, to remain informed you can hire a project manager to ensure that you are briefed on every detail of the project.

Endangering data privacy

Data is a highly significant part of a business. One of the key cons of outsourcing is that it enhances the chances of a data breach. Unlike your in-house developers who are a part of your company, the outsourcing team has outsiders on board who can sometimes breach data.

Therefore, it is critical to make your outsourcing team sign legal documents stating they are bound to keep all the private data of the company, confidential. It will hold them accountable in case they breach any law.

In short, a non-disclosure agreement will help you protect your company’s private information, thus, ensuring that it does not get into the hands of unscrupulous elements.


In conclusion, if you want your business to be successful hiring Dedicated App Developers from an outsourcing company is the way. At Hireadev, we have expert mobile app developers on board who ensure the creation of a fast, responsive, and user-friendly app for your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us for more information.

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