SEO Agency Versus In-House Team
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The internet has transformed the way businesses market themselves to their target audience. A strategic digital marketing and Search engine optimization plan makes your smallest businesses visible to the relevant audience globally, helping you to compete with bigger brands. However, this can be possible only when you have an experienced team of SEO professionals working for you.

If you want to hire an SEO team and are skeptical about hiring an in-house team or Outsourcing SEO to an agency, this blog is for you. In this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about hiring an SEO team, including the key factors, pros, and cons of both the in-house team and SEO agency.

So, let’s get into it.

SEO team vs. agency performance based on a few Key Factors

Consider these factors when Choosing an in-house SEO team or an SEO Digital marketing agency;


When we talk about the Cost comparison of an SEO agency vs. an in-house team, hiring an in-house team takes a lot of investment, but once your team is up and running you could see a return on investment. Whereas, working with an SEO agency is more cost-effective as you pay only for the work done by the services.


SEO agencies employ digital marketing experts, each with specialized SEO expertise in distinct facets of the field. Partnering with an SEO agency offers you a team well-versed in various SEO tools. Moreover, it offers a more effective, optimized, and streamlined approach compared to outsourcing individual services separately or in-house hiring.


The SEO needs to grow as your business grows. Working with experienced and professional agencies will allow you to scale efficiently by simply upgrading your package. They will guide you throughout the process to deliver the desired results.

Turnaround Time and Responsiveness

When it comes to turnaround time and responsiveness, in-house teams usually perform comparatively better in this aspect as they will be solely dedicated to your business. However, it depends on the agency you work with.


SEO strategies keep changing and updating constantly, so it is crucial for the SEO team to stay updated on the latest practices and tools. For this, you will need to train your team for In-house SEO management.

Otherwise, it’s better to work with agencies that offer their employees regular training and have industry professionals for training.

Pros and Cons of In-House SEO


  • You’ll have greater access and visibility to the work that’s being done and the ability to make changes or modifications
  • Internal team members are focused solely on your website
  • The in-house staff has a solid understanding of your company’s values, culture, and overall business goals
  • It’s easy for the in-house SEO teams to collaborate with other teams, such as public relations, web development, and sales


  • Hiring and training qualified employees can be a time-consuming and expensive process
  • It’s unlikely that the in-house team will be expert in a specific area of SEO such as technical SEO or link building as already have so many responsibilities
  • With an in-house team, the speed of the work might be affected as they have to prioritize different responsibilities and tasks

Pros and Cons of Hiring an SEO Agency


  • Outsourced SEO services can help you save money and time by eliminating the internal hiring process
  • Agencies have experts who have the appropriate industry knowledge needed to resolve SEO issues
  • Professional SEO agencies have experts from different areas of SEO, which means that all aspects of your website’s SEO will be covered
  • By working with an SEO agency you can shorten the turnaround times for deliverables as they have employees who are experienced and efficient


  • Agencies are usually working for many different clients simultaneously which means their focus and attention can be divided.
  • It is easier and faster to communicate internally as compared to the outsourced team although good agencies maintain open communication with their clients
  • It can be difficult to find the right agency for your organization
  • Finding a team that you consider trustworthy is crucial because hiring an agency requires a great deal of trust


In conclusion, the fast-paced digital environment with fierce competition between online brands makes collaborating with an SEO agency a strategic decision – it’s an investment for the success and sustained growth of your online business.

However, the decision of whether to establish an in-house SEO team or engage an external agency ultimately rests with you but collaborating with a seasoned SEO agency like Hireadev can offer distinctive advantages, notably in terms of professional and cost-effective services.

We are a result-focused SEO digital marketing agency that can stand as the optimal choice for businesses of all sizes.
Our experts with their specialized knowledge and experience can serve as trusted guides on this dynamic journey. We can bring a wealth of tailored solutions, insights, and a commitment to achieving tangible results.

So, whether you’re an established enterprise or a startup, working with the right SEO agency can help you navigate the pathway of the digital world, driving your brand forward with purpose and precision.

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